below are the current rules to the game rules
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this gome in a methods OF play: "ithwe ansoet cords. the quest,+' cards place the pile take c curd from the and pose players (or you're the only or Ion g, people can ask further "—yer takes the next card, questions. when the is 2. gome ofluck make two focedown piles ofquestion ond ansner the it is takes o question card and poses the question to one of the Others. this then hos three possible answers: •no' or •maybe'. •maybe' can mean 'sometimes'. •doubtful'. 'i know' or applicable'. os soon as o clear onsner is forthcoming questioner tokes answer cord. f the answer on the cord agrees With the answer given. the questioner gets a point. if not. the next player c turn. usedcords go tothe of the pile. 3. answerer tokes an answer chis is the some as method 2 but row the onsßerer. not the questioner. tokes the answer card. if CFC answer on the card agrees Nith the answer given. the answerer gets o point. tine answerer may change his opinion but must support his at ntS_ make sure everyone has o turn at answeri in 4. good judgement everyone gets three question cards ond answer card. one whose turn is ;icks someone they think anSner ane of their three questions according the answer they ore holding. anyone answering •yes'. or •maybe' con be further questioned (by everyone). examples farn ones life can enliven the ;rcxeedings$ answer given agrees With the on the cord. the questioner gets o point. 5. no maybes all the •maybe' cords ore taken out oftha answer pile: now on it•s •yes' 'no'/ S. keep store everyone given an score-keeper takes question cord and questions one of the others. everyone on answer cord agreeing with the given ans».er gets a paint. for argument When your turn you take o questidh question the person ta yur left she then take on onswer cord and think how to answer occcrding the onswer on card If the answer convincing the answerer gains c paint the one the most points wins, game can Jost until 011 the question cords have been used. tan played for an agree d number of rounds. make sure this is agreed at the start( a rnore exciting garne con rn±e up pur own questions have fun' www.ct-a-lanta.n/