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new project

I decided I want to do another podcast, read more about the Anarcho CAPAble PODcast (ACAPOD)
I will attempt to make a minimalist user-unfriendly site.

that does have a dyslexic friendly version

sadly i am still failing to make it work, it will work if you download and install the font from https://opendyslexic.org
And I will also use my stroke as an excuse to not attempt to make it more user friendly, my mind meanders most of the time so this page will also be a bit of a challenge to find everything

welkom op mijn contact pagina

welcome to my contact page

voor contact mail naar info@fakkelplemp.nl
it is too much effort and also I do not want to add java to make my mail adres automatically copy , so I use a borinig mailto to my mail: info@fakkelplemp.nl
the the other relevant thing are the slides I use in my talks/
and the zines I want people to read
I am rarely updating this page, at some point I added this in Dutch, I will add an English version below it now.
Ondertussen noem ik mezelf rolstoel activist en doe af en toe praatjes over rolstoel gebruik in activisme,
mijn doel daarmee is het gebruik van rolstoelen te narmaliseren zodat de mensen die er (af en toe)gebruik van maken minder worden gezien als bezienswaardigheid. Ik ben werkloos dus mail me als je een activiteit hebt waar je een burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheids actie wil doen.
in een rolstoel wordt je gezien als absoluut afhankelijk en daarmee ook absoluut onschuldig
dat kan soms leuk gebruikt worden in acties
So some years ago I started identifying as a vheelchair activist, and started doing talks about wheelchair use in activism.
my goal was to normalise the wheelchair as a form of transport so the people that want to use them don't get stared at as much
I dton't have a job so mail me if you want to do a civil disobediance action.
I still like to annoy authorities by not co-operating and because I am absolute innocense according to public opinion"I use this in the advantage of the protest
sticker ontwerp 2016 %^&off! I am capable
I started to get involved in activism after joining many protest marches as if they were guided tours in 2014.
After befriending activists, joining in protests became more of a social than a political activity.
around 2018 I started to do htalks about my positive experience using the prejudice in my advantage but also the annoying experience in activist spaces.
This could be the start of a new movement: anarcho-capabalism.
in the mean time I have written something about intersectionality
I hope to overcome my self doubt and write something more explicit about my experience with the drama/ winner's triangle. I want to show you the perspective from someone who is often viewed as a victim,
mostly by saviours, I am not and I don't want saviours near me.
I also want to write something about the fawning reponse ffrom my perspective as a wheelchair user
in 2021 I made a no access no peace sticker
no access no peace

have a look at the page about my next project: recording 20 minute parts of people playing the conversational game speak out you can find the files here, I will try to make many recordings and gain an audiance by playing it at least once per week.
In Dutch a page full with bad experiences some photos and text of wheelchair use in protests
Dutch page about how much I hate the fallacious argument but they mean well
some info I saved for a talk I did about ablism
some texts that I liked and would want other people to read

if you want to say hi please use Mail versie 1-12-22